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(English Version) How to purchase and apply for Visitor Ticket

Hello, Welcome to DANCE WORKS!


We hope you can feel the charm of DANCE WORKS through our excellent lessons!


If you have a credit card, you can buy tickets and book the lessons directly on the DANCE WORKS reservation website!


But even if you don’t have a credit card, you can still buy tickets at DANCE WORKS reception!



You can choose these tickets!!




At the reception, we also have these payment methods:



DANCE WORKS reservation website of

the lesson reservation and login method





You can also buy Visitor Ticket!



– How to buy –


・Purchase at the Reception of DANCE WORKS. (available cash/credit)

   *Please note that reservation for a lesson is required after you purchase your tickets.


・Tickets can be purchased in advance on DANCE WORKS reservation website. (credit only)

   *You can use it from the date of purchase, and you can make a lesson reservation immediately after  

   purchasing the ticket.

   *Please note the expiration date of your Visitor ticket. (The expiration date is from the date of purchase.)